034. Happy Rise Against Day! (and an Ode to Oatmeal)

Tonight I’m going to see Rise Against, and I am SO excited! They’re definitely one of my all time favorite bands ever! I’ve missed a couple of opportunities to see them in the past so I was elated when we got tickets.

Since Rise Against is from Chicago, shows in town generally sell out really quickly.

I started my day strong with more peanut and pumpkin oats. I’m so happy I’ve finally found a way to really enjoy oatmeal. For the longest time, I hated oatmeal because all I’d ever had was Quaker Instant Oatmeal. I couldn’t stand the texture of that stuff. (I actually still have issue with the texture of oatmeal if it’t too creamy/ mushy, or I try to eat it too fast.) For a while I could get myself to eat the cinnamon instant oatmeal if I chopped up an apple and tossed that in with the oatmeal. That got old, and really incovenient, fast though so I gave up on oatmeal.

I never knew cooking oats could be just as quick and easy – and so much yummier! – as the instant stuff. Now, I throw the oats on the stove while I’m getting dressed or doing my hair. I come in to stir them a few times, and breakfast is ready to go just in time!

I owe a great deal of thanks to fellow bloggers for that. Caitlin, Tina, and all the other food bloggers out there who showcase their oatmeal. I’ve been inspired by them to try new flavor combinations in my oatmeal. One of these days I’m going to try some lunch or dinner oats like Angela made.


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