067. Good Morning Beautiful People!

I am quite sleepy this morning. I was up late cuddling with my new sweetie Hermione. I have to say; I’m in love!

This morning’s breakfast was the usual bowl of oats with almond butter, cranberry apple butter and a drizzle of agave nectar. No photo because I think you’ve seen it enough!

I ran out of tea at work 😦 and the only green tea in the office is the Tazo China Green which I think tastes like dirt. (I usually have a cup of Tazo Zen in the morning.)

My friend Lauren and I decided to hit the ‘Bucks. I was going to get tea, but since I’m seriously dragging, I went with a tall, skinny vanilla latte. YUM!

Well, time to get to work. My goal today is to stick to The 40/20 method and try to avoid multi-tasking too much!

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