098. Up In The Gym Just Workin on My Fitness

I had an awesome workout tonight.  I was totally in the zone again this week during yoga class.  I had great breathing during the majority of the class.  I felt strong.  I only needed to chill out in child’s pose once.  It was a fantastic class.

After class, I knocked out 30 minutes on the dreadmill.  I did the MotionTraxx/ Fitness Magazine Interval #1 “The Quickie.”  It was a very enjoyable workout…for the dreadmill.

Now I’m going to try and remember as much trigonometry as I possibly can and hit the sack.  I’m getting up bright and early to do The Biggest Loser Last Chance Work-Out DVD.

I’m also going to try and successfully make some pumpkin oatmeal.  For some reason, good pumpkin oats have been elluding me.



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