130. A Lunch Time Compare and Contrast

First of all, how the heck did I miss the fact that there was an explosion under my office building at 1:45 this afternoon?!

 Thinking about how much progress I’ve made with running in the last year got me thinking about how much progress I’ve made with food as well.  Since I’ve been tracking on Sparkpeople for over a year, it was easy to go back and compare what I’m eating now with what I was eating a year ago.  Holy cow!  I can hardly believe some of the differences!  My meals are so much more balanced now.  I eat a much cleaner diet.  There are way more fruits and veggies involved, and way less over processed convenience foods.

 Remember in school when you did ven diagrams and compare and contrast shart?  Let’s do a bit of that shall we?  Here’s two days where I tracked all of my food.

 February 23, 2009
Breakfast: Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich on TJ’s Soft Whole wheat bread with 1T creamy JIF Peanut Butter
Lunch: 1.5 cups TJ’s Organic Shells and Cheese and a Kiwi
Dinner: Panda Express Orange Chicken Rice Bowl
Snack: Half serving of pita chips

February 23, 2010
Oatmeal (1/2 c. oats, ¾ c. vanilla soymilk) with 1 T. TJ’s Valencia PB with flax, a banana, and a squirt of agave
Lunch: Homemade Mexican Rice (brown rice, black beans, corn, and tomato sauce) with 1 T. light cheese and 70 grams of avocao
Dinner: Whole Wheat Cinnamon Banana Pancakes with four slices of Trader Joe’s uncured bacon and roasted red potatoes
Snacks: blood orange and a pear

 March 2, 2009
2 TJ’s gluten free banana waffles
Lunch: BBQ Chicken pizza (tracker says Pizza Hut, but that was likely a estimate for some other ordered out pizza) and an apple
Dinner: Hungry Girlfredo
Snacks: 3 servings of Carmel de Lite Girl Scout Cookies

March 2, 2010
Egg Sammie on a sandwich thin with 2 slices Canadian bacon, 1 slice mild cheddar and spinach
Lunch: PB&J sandwich with 1T TJ’s Valencia PB and 1T Sorrell Ridge 100% Fruit spread with a spinach, grape, and apple side salad
Dinner: Homemade BBQ Chicken pizza
Baby carrots, pear, string cheese, TJ’s ABC Trek Mix

The funny thing, is there was a 16 calorie difference between the March 2nd menus and look how much more food I ate for only 16 more calories!  I would bet you a felt a heck of a lot fuller yesterday than I did on March 2nd a year ago.  I probably have a lot more energy now too!

I haven’t forgotten about today’s lunch.  It was also disappointingly bland.  Maybe my tastebuds went on vacation or something.  I had a BBQ chicken sandwich (Can you tell I cooked a lot of chicken this week?), with cheese and spinach on a sandwich thin along with a pear that went unphotographed.

 I also snacked on my new favorite yogurt around 11:30.  Despite being painfully bland, my breakfast did keep me really full today.  I didn’t get hungry for my morning snack until 11:30 and waited until 12:30 for lunch!  That almost never happens.

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