134. Blog Fail, Food Win

The last couple days have been seriously fail mode for my blog.  Yesterday my internet was jacked up, and today I just plain forgot to finish and publish my breakfast post.  I didn’t realize until I went to upload the photo for my lunch post.

 It’s okay though; while it’s been a blog fail day, it’s been a food win day.  Breakfast was great, and lunch was even better.  I’ve been waiting in anticipation all week for this lunch.  I kid you not.  So what had me so very excited?  I present to you my avocado and hummus sandwich!

 I actually made one of these a couple weeks ago out of desperation.  I hadn’t gone shopping and had limited amounts of food left in the house.  I threw some stuff in my lunch bag and decided I’d figure it out at lunch.  It was my greatest accidental “creation” to date!  HOLY YUM!

I bought avocados on Tuesday when Chris and I went shopping, but none of them were ripe enough to eat until last night.

 Along with my sammich and pear, I snagged 2 Dunkin Donuts munchkins that were in the kitchen.  It was a nice little dessert.

Project Pretty Update:  I’m happy to report that Project Pretty (as named by Laura) has been going very well.  In the past two weeks:

  • I’ve only rocked a pony tail at work one day, and that was the day I overslept.  I truly didn’t have time to shower or straighten my hair.
  • I’ve worn make-up almost every day. 
  • I’ve managed to wear jewelry/ accessories a few days.  This is definitely low priority, and honestly, it’s not even something I really think about.

 I do feel like it’s put me in a better mood to have myself put together at work every day.

3 thoughts on “134. Blog Fail, Food Win

  1. That sammie looks amazing! I’ve never had avocado and hummus together but it sounds awesome, can’t wait to try it. I found your blog thru sparkpeople and I’d just like to say I love it. I’m just now branching out from blogging on SP to a real blog, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • I’m still incredibly new to this whole blog thing. I just realized that my name is somehow linked back to an old blog that I started and realized I didn’t like and now can’t figure out how to delete/switch the link to my current blog. I’m so embarrassed because the name of the blog looks and sounds very similar to yours. I promise I in no way intended to do that! Please forgive my current blogging ignorance!

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