187. Trust Your Instincts

Yes, generally speaking, I have trouble with getting up for morning exercise.  My struggle is actually getting out of bed; once I get up, I’m good to go.  This morning was a bit different.  I got up, dressed, Garmin on, shoes laced up, ready to hit the rode.  I took Maxwell out for a warm up while my Garmin located the satellites.  While I was out walking Maxwell, something just felt wrong, and it wasn’t the fact that I torn up the backs of my ankles on Tuesday’s run.

P1000582 P1000585

I had a feeling in my gut that I shouldn’t go out on this run.  Maybe I was being paranoid and my run would have been just fine.  Or maybe I could have gone on my run and have something terrible happen.  I’m not really interested in finding out.  I trusted my instincts and came back inside.  Rather than going back to bed (since I was already up) I ordered myself a RoadID and a SPIBelt.  (I also typed up this blog.) 

Personal safety while running isn’t something I’ve taken very seriously.  Unless I have my CamelBak, I don’t generally carry anything with me: no ID, no cell phone, not even a water bottle.  I know this isn’t a good idea, but I’ve never given it much thought.  This morning changed all that.


3 thoughts on “187. Trust Your Instincts

    • Well you’re in luck. RoadID sent me a coupon code for $1 off. It’s ThanksKristina829979.

      I just got the basic shoe ID (I hate stuff on my wrists. i don’t even wear a watch.) in black.

      What i forgot to mention, which I think is pretty cool, is that RoadID also donates a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

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