210. How I Spent my Thanksgiving Vacation

Four and a half days off and I managed to cook enough food for a Thanksgiving feast without even hosting Thanksgiving.

I kicked off the holiday weekend baking not one, but two, pumpkin pies to feed to the boy’s family.  Post pie dinner was a must so I made my shrimp pasta dish only with white kidney beans instead of shrimp.


Thursday morning meant delicious and savory cheese and herb scones before heading off to Thanksgiving dinner with the boy’s family.


Friday morning was a perfect bangover breakfast including a delicious spinach, broccoli and onion egg scramble with the best apple cinnamon muffins I’ve ever made or eaten (recipe to come).  I’m seriously considering submitting for rounds 5 and 6 of Project Tasteless.

muffsSaturday afternoon I baked yet another pumpkin pie because two just isn’t enough right?  (Actually, I made this one to take to my grandparent’s house next weekend for their 60th wedding anniversary party.)  Since I had an extra pie crust and a whole bunch of apples that were past the point of eating on their own, I decided a crumb topped apple pie would be a brilliant idea.

apple pie

The pies got made while I was making beef and barley soup for a late lunch with the boy.

b&b soup

It’s been a seriously delicious four and a half day weekend, but I determined that if I ever become unemployed I will need to do a hell of a lot more running to balance all the food I’d cook and eat to occupy my time.  Thankfully dinner is at my parent’s house tonight so I won’t be cooking anything else. Smile


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