223. Girls on the Run Solemate

I updated my Mission 101 page with some of the things I’ve accomplished recently.  I also get to check off another item that I’m really excited about! 

Ever since I participated in the Girls on the Run Fall 5K in November 2009, I have been  a huge supporter of the organization.  That 5K was one of the most inspirational events I’ve ever attended.  Seeing thousands of pre-teen girls run their race with friends and family was amazing.  I loved it every time one of them passed me.  I loved having the chance to encourage them as they struggled.  I loved watching them smile as they finished.  Seriously, if you have the opportunity to participate in a GOTR 5K you should absolutely do it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Girls on the Run, it is an organization that encourages positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development for girls in 3rd – 5th grade.  Take a peek at their website for all kinds of information.

I would absolutely LOVE to be a coach for GOTR, but sadly, my schedule doesn’t allow for it right now.  Instead, I’ve decided to help out in another way.  Two weeks ago I registered for their Solemates program in conjunction with my first half marathon on 2011. Girls on the Run Solemates Logo

As part of the program I will be raising money to help support Girls on the Run Chicago.  I have a minimum fund raising goal of $262, but I’ve set my personal fund raising goal to $500.

I generally hate fundraising.  It is so outside of my personality to ask people for money.  I always feel guilty asking for money.  People have bills; the economy is rough; there are other organizations out there.  There are a thousand different reasons.  However, Girls on the Run is an organization I strongly believe in and firmly support so I’m going to dedicate myself to meeting this $500 goal.

The $262 dollar minimum provides enough money to pay for race entry fees for all of the girls in one program.  $550 minimum is enough to provide full scholarshis to 2 1/2 girls. (Source).  I’m so excited to officially be a part of the Solemates program!

If you’re interested in donating, please visit my page.


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