227. The Dreaded Recipe Rut

I happens to the best of us: the dreaded recipe rut.  Despite planning, preparations, inspirations, and creativity sometimes we just get stuck. 

Aside from recent adventures in crock-pot cooking, I’ve been feeling very bored and uninspired by cooking lately.  I still love it, but my ole stand-by recipes just haven’t been cutting it lately.  I’ve been on the hunt for new recipes and new inspirations.  I’ve been turning to some really great sources lately and thought I would share them for your future recipe ruts.

Cooking Light on Girl Can Do Blog

This has become my go-to website for healthy recipes.  I actually sprung for a subscription to the magazine last week as a result of spending too much time on the site. 

Food Network on Girl Can Do Blog

This is generally where I go for slightly more indulgent recipes.  Also, I love Alton Brown.  Seriously.  The man has never disappointed me.

Rachel Wilkerson

Recipes or not you should check out this blog because it is probably my favorite blog out there right now.  She’s not a food blogger in the strictest sense, but the recipes she featues win me over again and again.

Eat Live Run

Hello, homemade Oreos?!  I made my first non-dessert recipe from Jenna’s blog on Saturday, and I was blow away by the 30  Minute Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken.

So these are the places I’ve been turning to for recipe inspiration lately, but what about you?  Where are your favorite places to go when you need to get out of the recipe rut?


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