238. Snomageddon in Chicago

Two posts in one day – this is unheard of!  I figured I’d share a few pictures of the snow storm here in Chicago while they’re still relevant.

This ended up being the third worst snow storm in the history of Chicago.  It trapped somewhere around 1,200 people on Lake Shore Drive, closed Chicago Public Schools for the first time since 1999, and gave us Chicagoan a glimpse at thundersnow (which is exactly what it sounds like.)

Snomageddon 2011

This is the view from the front door of my condo building.

Snomageddon 2011

The boy's truck in my parking lot. If he didn't have the plow he wouldn't have been going anywhere.

Snomageddon 2011

My dad's car is somewhere under that pile of snow on the right.

Snomageddon 2011

This is the front of my parent's house. The front door was half buried.

Snomageddon 2011

The snow along the side walk was taller than Maxwell. He was attempting to see over them

Snomageddon 2011

This is in front of my parent's house. The pathway that was shoveled through all that snow.

Snomageddon 2011

My parent's street didn't get plowed until late Wednesday night. Their neighbors attempted the leave. They got stuck.


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