267. Adoptiversary!

Happy Adoptiversary to my favorite little guy!


Today marks one year since I adopted Maxwell from the Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare League.  I seriously couldn’t have adopted a more awesome dog!  He’s been (mostly) well behaved from the very start.  He’s energetic and loves to play, but he’s old enough to calm down and relax when playtime is over.  He’s not super barky.  He doesn’t lick my face.  He loves a good cuddle.  Seriously, he’s the coolest dog ever.


Maxwell wanted to help install the bathroom vanity doors.

King Maxwell

Maxwell in his Halloween costume. He's king of the house so I dressed him accordingly.

To celebrate I making him a fancy dinner of shepherd’s pie. (Okay, I’m really just giving him some of our dinner sans the garlic and onions.) For dessert I’m making him these doggie carrot cake cupcakes from Dog Treat Kitchen. (I’m not make the cream cheese frosting since I’m pretty sure he’s lactose intolerant.) and “ice cream” (aka the famous banana soft-serve.)

After dinner we’re going for a car ride (to my parent’s house) so he could play in the yard.  He’s also getting a new toy.

Little does he know tomorrow we’re getting up early to go to the vet for his annual check-up…


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