272. My Plan to Be Able to Carry my Own Suitcase Come Cruise Time

So far, May has been kind of a bust.  I started really strong with my 5K almost-PR.  I continued that streak with a KILLER half marathon PR.  Then things started to peter out a bit.  I stopped tracking/ food journaling as diligently as I had been.  My workouts have been sporadic at best.  The unseasonably cold and crappy weather (combined with a sudden spike of three hot, humid, disgusting days) has been slowly chipping away at my motivation. 

I am not going to be defeated though.  So, instead of waiting until June to set new goals, start a fitness challenge, and just generally get my ass back in gear, I’m going to start right now.  I’ve still got two full weeks left in May. (Well, okay, since I’m actually writing this a day prior to posting, I’ve got 13 days now – minor details.)   I’m going to make the most of the remaining time, and keep my momentum into June.

Here’s the plan for the remainder of May.

  1. Meal plan for the rest of the month
  2. Only two meals out to eat, and they cannot be breakfast
  3. Begin Smart Girls Do Dumbbells Challenge (see below)
  4. A minimum of 5 cardio sessions

Smart Girls Do Dumbbells Challenge

Girl Can Do Smart Girls Do Dumbbells Personal Challenge

When my BFF Laura came to visit me this past weekend, she brought four books to lend to me: Something Borrowed (which I was done with my Tuesday,) Sex, Murder, and a Double Latte (which I’m half done with already), The Complete Guide to Women’s Running (which was, ironically, my Christmas gift to her), and Smart Girls Do Dumbbells.

Smart Girls Do Dumbbells is a strength training book designed for women (obviously, based on the title.)  The plan is based on “30 minutes, 30 days, 30 ways,” and the book provides 30 daily strength training “menus” featuring a variety of “recipes” (exercises).

My goal for this challenge is to make it through all 30 “menus” over the course of 60 days.  The program is set up for 30 days, but I know myself well enough to know I’m not going to do it every day.  Rather than trying to force myself into doing it daily and then quitting half way through, I’m going to go with an every other day plan.  Since it’s designed to be daily, I can do days back-to-back if I miss a day and not wory about strength training two days in a row since I’ll be dealing with different muscle groups.

I know the important of strength training for both weight loss, running, and general health.  I just have a really hard time implementing it into my fitness routine.  It’s time I commit though.  I’ll be posting my progress on my daily mile page.

And with any luck, by the team I leave for my cruise, I’ll be able to carry my own suitcase!  (I’m only half joking about this one.)

7 thoughts on “272. My Plan to Be Able to Carry my Own Suitcase Come Cruise Time

  1. I’m excited and I hope you like the dumbbell workout!!! I did it for a while and liked it, but then learned I like to ST at the gym much more! However, it’s a great resource to have!

    And for the record, me lending you my christmas present that you gave me was only because I am banned from running right now 🙂

  2. I just finished reading something borrowed! I thought it was a cute book and so now I’m excited to see the movie!

    I’m trying to really up my fitness game (from basically nothing to something), would you recommend smart girls do dumbbells? do you like it?

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