280. Weight Watchers Wednesday

Today marks my fourth weigh in with Weight Watchers.  So how did it go?

Last week’s weight: 163.2lbs
This week’s weight: 159.2lbs
Change: -4lbs!

Going into the weigh in I was hoping/ expecting to have lost.  I’d jumped on my scale at home a couple times (because I have this weird interest in how my body weight fluctuates over the course of the day), and actually saw 159lbs at one point.

I felt like overall I had a pretty good week.  There were definitely some indulgences – 3 beers on Thursday and a few too many desserts on Saturday – but I also got a fair amount of activity in this week.  I used 29 of my 49 “weekly allowance” points, and earned 22 activity points.

I was some what shocked to see a four pound loss, but after I thought about it, it made some sense. I think I probably lost pounds last week that didn’t show up on the scale. I had run to the meeting in the heat, and like I mentioned on Monday,  I’d eaten a lot of food over the holiday weekend that I don’t usually eat. I definitely think both those factors could have lead to some serious water retention when I stepped on the scale.

In any case, I’m thrilled with this week’s loss! I hit my first 5lbs lost mark today (got my sticker!), and I’m less than 3 pounds from the 5% mark!

The meeting itself focused on getting in your 5 – 9 servings of fruits and veggies. There wasn’t much info that was new to me especially since the zero point fruits and veggies have been my “bread and butter”, but I did get some suggestions for grilling grapes, broccoli, and even lettuce!

Here’s to another awesome week!


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