291. Eat Homemade with the Odd Duck

Hi friends! Laura from Becoming the Odd Duck again. Kristina didn’t have time to come up with another Friday blog, so I offered to swoop in and post one for her. I can’t wait for her to be back, what about y’all!?

Anyway, I know it’s Fit Friday – but I’d rather talk about food 🙂 And what better way to talk about food than to talk about a really important food lesson that I’ve learned from Kristina.

You see, Kristina and I talk every single day. We both love cooking and we definitely discuss food and cooking on a daily basis with each other. But it wasn’t until I actually went to Chicago and spent the weekend with Kristina last May that I truly understood her view of food and cooking.

Kristina is the homemade queen. I think you can probably realize this from the ridiculous cakes she makes, or the homemade sandwich thins she posted recently. If there is a food she wants, 9 times out of 10 she makes it from scratch.



I knew this before I visited her, but I don’t really think it clicked in my brain until I saw her in action. During my visit, she made homemade whole wheat cinnamon rolls and homemade pancakes for breakfast. She made fresh pretzel rolls that we enjoyed with chicken sausages. She even made homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert one night!

Now folks, I love to cook and I would always prefer to eat something homemade – but I’m lazy and busy. More so on the busy factor because sometimes it’s a struggle for me to find 15 minutes to make a dinner at home. Spending hours in the kitchen to prepare homemade sandwich thins doesn’t exactly fit into my schedule right now.

But after eating all the delicious homemade foods Kristina prepared for me, I came back home to Texas and realized that I can bump up the homemade factor in my food somewhat. If I’m craving a particular cuisine or dish, it’s much healthier and more enjoyable for me to make it from scratch than to go out and buy it from a restaurant.  Spending time with Kristina and her kitchen inspired me to make more time to prepare homemade dishes.


5.28.11 006


Through the persuasion example set by Kristina and our friend Sarah, I bought a bread machine. I’ve been making homemade whole wheat pizza dough and topping it with chicken sausage. What was once an unhealthy vice of mine (I LOVE pepperoni pizza), has become a meal I look forward to all week and don’t feel guilty after eating! I’ve made a variety of other things in the bread machine, like homemade pretzel dogs using Kristina’s pretzel recipe and chicken sausages.


6.6.11 013


I’ve even ventured into other homemade arenas, like taking the time to prepare my own trail mix rather than the store bought varieties that always have an ingredient I don’t like. Next on my homemade list are fresh preserves for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, another inspiration by Kristina.


8.3.11 001


While we all can’t be homemade rockstars like Kristina is, the one lesson she has truly taught me is that homemade is better and it’s worth the effort and extra time. I am now constantly looking for days in my schedule that are lighter so I can get to work in the kitchen!


Do you take the time to prepare homemade dishes? If so, what are your favorite homemade adaptations?

3 thoughts on “291. Eat Homemade with the Odd Duck

  1. I’m the same way- I much prefer to make things from scratch! The thought of all the unpronounceable ingredients and preservatives in pre-made or packaged foods makes me shudder! It’s something that’s really important to me so I make time for it!

    • Ive always been careful about labels and picking the simplest ingredient list when I can. And I refuse to eat hfcs or any product with it, but sometimes im just to lazy to.go the homemade route. Its definitely something I’m working on.

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