316. Mad Dash to Madison 2011 Recap

Remember back in May, when I claimed a new 5K PR because I was convinced I was never going to touch the PR I set running my very first 5K?

Remember September 16th, when I mentioned my runs had been super speedy last week?

Well guess what?  (I’m sure you can guess where I’m going here…)

I set a new PR during the Blackhawk’s Training Camp Mad Dash to Madison 5K!!  My official time was 28:48 averaging a 9:18 minute/mile pace.  My Garmin indicated I actually ran 3.21 miles which puts my pace around 9:08 minute/ mile.  I’m actually still having a hard time believing I ran that fast!

The whole event was amazing.  I got to be there to watch my friend Colleencross the finish line and cheer her on as she finished her first 5K.

Mad Dash to Madison 2011

I got to hang out with the boy and good friends while watching my favorite hockey team practice.

Training Camp Scrimage 2011

I got my very first Blackhawks bobblehead!


But I’m not going to lie, the PR made it that much more awesome!

Oh yeah, and it just so happens this helps me cross another item of my Mission 101 list.  #75 – Run a 28 minute 5K


5 thoughts on “316. Mad Dash to Madison 2011 Recap

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