317. Weight Watchers Wednesday: Session 2 Week 5

Last week’s weight: 154.2lbs
This week’s weight: 154.6lbs
Change: +.4lbs
Total Loss: -10.2lbs, this session: -2.2lbs


I honestly don’t have much to say this week except I’m feeling pretty much “whatever” toward this week’s slight gain.  Less than half a pound is nothing, and considering how huge and bloated I felt yesterday (It did dissipate some throughout the day thanks to the insane amount of water I drank.) it didn’t really come as a shock.  Honestly, I was kind of expecting more of a gain.

I ended up eating out twice last week.  Nik took me to dinner at Wildfire for our anniversary on Thursday, and we ended up getting Mexican food  on Saturday.  (I was at the point where I would give up a limb for a damn burrito.)  Needless to say, my extra points didn’t really get saved for the bachelorette party.  I still came out of the week “in the black” between weekly allowance and activity points, but probably not enough.

I have a wedding this Saturday so my primary goal this week is to stay on track during the week and not worry about Saturday night.  I’ve gotten a little lax about tracking again so I want to make sure I’m pen and paper tracking daily.

That’s it for now.


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