324. Goals, Goals, Goals: November 2011

I’m not really sure how it happened, but November is here.  Someone please slow things down.  However, since it’s a new month that means it’s time for new goals.  Let’s review October’s goals and set some goals for November shall we?

October Goals

Print cruise pictures: I didn’t get the pictures printed yet, but I did get them uploaded on to Shutterfly, and I’ve kind of started sorting through them picking and choosing which ones I want to use.  I did make the executive decision that instead of trying to put together a scrapbook in time for the holidays, I’m just going to make a photobook.  I enjoy scrapbooking, but it’s not something I love doing.  One day I’ll put together an actual scrapbook, but today is not that day.

Continue strength training minimum twice a week: This was a huge epic fail.  I did strength training like maybe twice the whole month – three times if you count dancing at a wedding this past weekend which was some serious core work.  I’m beginning to think it’s in my best interest to never mention strength training on my blog again.  It seems like as soon as I do I’m setting myself up to fail.

Closet clean out: I’m 99.9% done with the great closet clean out.  I currently have 3 bags, and a pile.  I just need to bag up that last pile and drop off the bags.  I’m planning to do this tonight.  I’ll also be posting about it in the near future.

Clean House: laundry once a week with clothes put away – Hahahaha!  I did laundry once the entire month.  I did put the clothes away right away though.  Dishes get washed before going to bed – I did better on this one.  I didn’t always do them before bed, but I didn’t let them soak for days or, worse, get crusty.

Run Dallas 13.1 A++ on this one.  I am so proud of my performance at Dallas 13.1.  You can read all about that here.

So October went okay.  I’m disappointed that strength training fell by the wayside, but I’m planning to bring it back starting tonight.  I’m not actually making it a formal goal (or even mentioning what I’m doing on the blog here because clearly that just jinxes me.)  On to November’s goals.

Journal.  Journaling is something I’ve always wanted to do (It’s even one of my Mission 101 goals!), but I never really “got” the how to.  For me it always ended up being a junior high style “dear dairy” compilation of the day’s events or whatever – not really compelling stuff.  Somewhere in the middle of October I had a bit of a revelation about the how-to of journaling, and I’ve been journaling sporadically since then.  My goal for November is to journal at least three times per week.  If I need to us prompts, that’s fine.  Sometimes you just need something to get you started.

Recipe Index One of the areas of my blog that is definitely lacking is a recipe index.  It’s lacking because it doesn’t even exist.  I recently signed up for the new free account through Recipage, and my goal is to have it up and running with the majority of my recipes inputted by the end of November.  I’m also in the process of organizing and setting up a recipe book at home too.  I have a falling apart recipe binder and a ton of recipes torn from magazines in a disorganized pile on my kitchen bookshelf.   I want my recipes more easily accessible for you and me!  I don’t know that I’ll be 100% done by the end of November, but I’d like to make a solid dent in both.  My goal is a minimum 50% completion.

Weekly Goals, Planning and Organization  For the month of November, I want to try my hand at setting weekly goals, planning and organizing my weeks.  Things are going to potentially get very busy for me at the start of the new year so I want to get myself in organized mode now.  Plus, with the business of the holidays coming up, being extra organized certainly can’t hurt.  I don’t know how much of this I’ll post on the blog, but I’ve started a notebook to keep with me at all times.

So that’s it for now.  I’ll obviously be setting goals throughout the month as part of my weekly goal setting and Weight Watchers Wednesday, but these are the three major things I want to work on this month.

4 thoughts on “324. Goals, Goals, Goals: November 2011

  1. hahahah Dear Diary, Colleen was mean to me on Gmail. I hate her guts. But then I promised to go to the mall with her.

    I assume that’s what a high school diary should sound like!

  2. I think October was a pretty successful month for ya girl! And SO proud of what you accomplshied down in TX! Mega proud! 🙂

    What are you doing with your “closet clean-out?” Donating to a Good Will store or something else? I really have to do this too, but I suck and lack at organizational skills. (Seriously, I still have clothes under my BED from 2004. sad, sad, sad.) Organization is definitely NOT my strong-suit.

    I really like your November goals too. What have you been doing for strength training? I’d like to get back at it, but not really sure where to begin since the last time I did it was on my strength training class at C.O.D. and I had access to machines, dumbbells, and an instructor. 🙂

    way to go!

    • Thanks Tori!

      I’m just taking the clothes to Goodwill. I thought about taking some of the stuff to a cosignment shop (like Plato’s Closet), but I was feeling too lazy to sort through everything and decide what was new enough that I could sell it and what was too worn out and should be donated. For me getting rid of the clothes wasn’t motivated by organization so much as 1) my fear of becoming a hoarder and 2) my need to stop wearing clothes that were just plain too big on me. I was still wearing size 14 dress pants, and they just looked horrible on me.

      As far as strength training goes lately I’ve just been kind of winging it. One of my favorite ways has been doing circuts at a playground during one of my shorter weekly runs. I’ll stop and do jackknifes on the swings, planks, bench pushups, calf raises, whatever. However, I actually signed up for a few personal training sessions once the gym I joined finally opens up. My goal/ plan is to basically use the trainer and training services to learn the exercises and be able to put together plans for myself. Then I’ll meet with the trainer every few weeks as a means of checking in.

      I’ve found that when it comes to strength training (or really exercise in general) the key is finding what you enjoy and what works for you. You seem to really like classes. Have you checked into other strength training classes? Is there a gym or maybe the park district near you that offers a Body Pump style class you could take? Or if you can’t find a class maybe a circuit-style workout DVD?

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