On May 5, 2012 I will be running the Wisconsin Marathon as my very first 26.6. Below is my training schedule. The distances are planned out, but the days might change. Cross training and strength training will be planned on a month by month or week by week basis. The calendar below should update as I updated my plans. Marathon Monday posts are linked below.

The Announcement
Marathon Monday: Week 1
Marathon Monday: Week 4


5 thoughts on “26.2

    • Right now my plan is yoga and some sort of cardio/ strength group exercise class at the gym. To me classes like yoga and the kettlebell intervals class are a great way to kill two bird with one stone. I also want to incorporate at least one day of lifting.

      Of course, we’ll see how things change as training moves forward (especially since the group exercise schedule at the gym is changing in February.) That’s why I’m not trying to schedule anything but my actual mileage too far out.

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