A Culinary Bucket List

I really love to cook and try new recipes, but I tend to talk myself out of making new things out of fear that I’ll “screw them up” or “they’ll flop.”  The Culinary Bucket List is just like it sounds – as bucket list of culinary adventures I want to undertake.  My plan is to document and post my undertakings.  I’m sure I’ll add more items to the list as I think of things I’d like to make.  I’ve added this page as a reference point for my list as well as my recap posts.

The Culinary Bucket List

  1. Make a risotto that doesn’t suck. (I actually did this shortly after I started writing the list.)
  2. Make a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin 
  3. Get over my fear of making yeast dough
  4. Bake Whole Wheat Everything bagels
  5. Can something (& don’t give anyone botulism!)
  6. Made homemade apple butter
  7. Decorate a cake using fondant
  8. Make my own sushi rolls.
  9. Create a dish of my own – no recipes!
  10. Make homemade granola
  11. Eat black bean burgers again.  (Make them myself)
  12. Make kale chips

Recap Posts

  • I finally made a risotto that didn’t suck thanks to the advice of Savvy Julie. (#1)
  • What does a girl do when she had a serious craving for enchiladas, a broken oven, no tortillas, and a wicked tight budget.  Why she creates Enchilada Spaghetti of course! (#9)
  • For Thanksgiving 2010, I decided to bake my own pies starting with a pumpkin. (#2)
  • I am most certainly over my fear of making yeast breads thanks to my bread machine.  I’ve got pretzel rolls and homemade sandwich thins to prove it! (#3)

3 thoughts on “A Culinary Bucket List

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