260. Goals, Goals, Goals: April

First things first – don’t forget sign up for the Veggie Challenge ends tomorrow at 11:59pm.  Please comment on the challenge post if you want to participate.

Since March is almost over, it’s time to review my  goals for March and set some goals for April. 

March: a month in review

My main goal was to get back into a regular run schedule.  I did pretty damn good at this.  I revised my training plan and took on a run-walk-run method.  I’m behind on my long runs, but I’ve gotten in most of my other runs.  I even did an extra-long week day run last week because I was feeling so good

I seriously failed at my goal to do CoreFusion three times a week.  I did it a grand total of 0 times.  I’m not sure why.  I just didn’t bother with it.

My final goal of keeping my house clean was kind of a mixed bag.  I did okay when it came to keeping it clean on a day-to-day basis.  What I did do though, with the help of my amazing boyfriend, is to get a really good deep cleaning taken care of.  We vacuumed every nook and cranky in the living room and dining room, cleaned off the balcony (now I don’t look like the building white-trash anymore!), scrubbed down the kitchen, and I even Swiffered all the ceilings and walls!  Last night I scrubbed down my main bathroom.

April: a month to improve

I really only have one goal for April focusing on the realizations I had about getting back on track with weight-loss.  However, I realize it’s an incredibly broad and over-arching goal so I’m breaking it down to more specific sub-goals. 

My goal is to re-create a solid base of nutrition and fitness to re-focus and re-start my weight loss.  I’ve got three sub-goals (and a few sub-sub-goals):

  1. Food and Fitness Journaling: I started a (old school pen and paper) nutrition and fitness journal this week.  It’s more than just logging the foods I’m eating and my work-outs.  I’m actually doing some journaling as well.  Generally I’m tracking the time I eat, what I eat, how I’m feeling/ why I’m eating (e.g. hungry, boredom, no reason at all).  I’m also tracking my work-outs and my thoughts on those as well.  My goal for April is to journal 5 complete days a week including 1 weekend day.
  2. April Veggie Challenge:  I’m setting a minimum goal of 2 cups of veggies per day.  I’m also setting the goal to try at least 4 new veggies.
  3. Well rounded fitness:   I got my cardio back on track in March, and obviously I need to stick with that and commit to my long runs for the half marathon training, but I realized during one of my runs last week that I really need to recommit to strength training and yoga.  My runs felt so much strong when I was regularly doing CoreFusion.  I am making a goal to do CoreFusion at least 2 days a week, including yoga one day.

So here’s the less convoluted list of April goals.  I’ve also decided on a reward for April.  If I meet all of the following in April I’m going to buy the juicer I’ve been debating buying for the last month.  It’s something I want but I don’t really need.  I’ve lived this long without one, but I think it would be cool to have and I would use it pretty regularly.

a)      Journal all food and fitness 5 days a week, including 1 weekend day.

b)      Minimum 2 cups of veggies per day

c)       Try 4 new veggies

d)      Do CoreFusion 2 days a week, including 1 yoga day

e)      Do all 4 long runs in April

I’m really hoping to re-focus myself in April.  After all, spring is all about new beginnings…right?


248.A Fragmented Blur

You might have noticed the lack of a Slow Cooker Saturday recipe this week.  Well, that’s because the only thing I ended up making in the slow cooker this week was more falafels

Last week was one of those weeks that is little more than a blur now.

I kept meaning to write, but it never happened.

Monday was Wednesday and then it was Friday and now it’s Monday again.  I hate it when that happens.

I just had a lot going on.

I was fighting with my insurance company.  I bought a new bed.  We worked on the bathroom.  (Update to come this week!)

I cooked but nothing I made was new or exceptional.

I had a minor panic attack at the realization my first half marathon on the year is in nine weeks, and my training is way off.

I hit the road for a run.  I did some CoreFusion.

I got ready for March to start.

240. CoreFusion Challenge: 7 Things in 7 Days

Today marks the end of the first week of my CoreFusion challenge.  I’ve stuck with my challenge so far, and I’m still really excited about it.  So here are 7 things I’ve learned in 7 days.

  1. I love CoreFusion.  Seriously, if I had discovered CoreFusion a year ago, I probably have Michelle Obama arms and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of by now!  It kicks my butt without making me feel like I’ve just had my butt kicked.
  2. I am really weak.  I joke about how I have the upper body strength of a toddler, but in this first week it’s become abundantly clear just how little strength I have.  The first time I did the arms segment, my triceps were sore and I didn’t even use weights!  I’ve since moved up to cans of veggies.  This week I might manage some 2 pound weights.
  3. Finding a form of strength training you love is key to actually doing it.  For two years now “strength train more” has been one of my goals.  This is the first time I’ve ever been successful.  Maybe it’s because I don’t feel like I’m doing strength training at all until my thighs are still shaking when I climb the stairs to the el at 4:30 in the evening.
  4. I love CoreFusion. Oh wait, I used that one already.  Seriously though.  I’ve found myself craving my next workout.  Wednesday, while I was enjoying my snow day, I did the whole 50 minute body sculpt video just because.  I missed yesterday’s workout because of cooking, grocery shopping and Super Bowl partying, and I’m actually looking forward to doubling up on my workout this evening.  Who am I?!
  5. If you’re doing CoreFusion with a kitten in the house, tie your hair back; otherwise, the kitten will start swatting at it and mange to claw the inside of your nostril in the process.  No, really, this happened, and it hurt.
  6. I feel much tighter and skinnier with every CoreFusion session I do.  I haven’t lost a single pound and my clothes still fit the same, but I feel like I’m already being transformed.  I also pay a lot more attention to my posture.  Posture is really stressed in every segment, and I find myself paying more attention to my posture throughout the day.  Yes, I think these two things are directly related.
  7. Even if you think you’re not working your muscles, you are.  During the abs segment of the Pilates Plus DVD, I was sure I was screwing up and not actually working my abs at all.  The two days of soreness that followed promise me I was wrong.  Even just maintaining the positions with the tiniest bit of movement was enough to make me feel it later.

I’ll update again next week with my progress.  My goal is to do twenty minutes a day at least three days this week.  I want to do the upper body, thighs, and glutes segments from both the Pilates Plus and the Body Scuplt DVDs.

231. Goals, Goals, Goals: February

With January quickly coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about February’s goals.

I didn’t really set goals for January, but rather focused on I would apply my verb this year.

I did start to dedicate myself to my blog more: starting my Slow Cooker Saturday series and updating my categories and tags.  I’ve also been doing very well with tracking my food the last two weeks or so.  I feel like I’m off to a very good start for the year.

February is really going to be my month to dedicate myself to fitness.  I didn’t do much through January because my cough came back which meant cardio was a no go.  I have two main fitness goals for February.

1. Get my half marathon training schedule in place, and start running three days a week again.

2. Increase my strength training.  I often set the goal of increase my stength training, but I never seem to execute.  This time I’ve got a very specific plan/ challenge in place.

28 Day of CoreFusion Challenge

As I mentioned, I bought some CoreFusion DVDs from Amazon.  I got the CoreFusion Collection featuring Body Sculpt, Pilates Plus, and Thighs & Glutes.

My challenge for the month of February is to do at least 10 minutes of CoreFusion a day.  My plan is to slowly build up the amount I’m doing. 

10 minutes is nothing to fit in to my day.

I’ve got the DVDs predominately displayed in front of my TV.  I’ve got reminders on my calendar.  I’ve got the starts of a vision board.  I’m good to go.

What to join my challenge? 

229. Things I Love: vol. 1

I’ve never done a “things I love” post before, but there’s so much I’m loving right now that the time has come.

  1. My new kitten Sergeant Peppers

    Sgt Pepper
    Sgt. Peppers came to me from my friend’s sister who works as a vet tech.  She’s two months old (Today is her birthday actually!), and she is absolutely precious.  I brought her home yesterday.  (Her collar is too big so she managed to get one leg through it!)

  2. My BFF Laura.  I’m sure there’s probably a lot of people who would find it odd that one of my best friends in the entire world is a girl who lives 950 miles away and whom I’ve never actually met in person.  It is what it is though, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  She’s always there for me.  She’s constantly inspiring me, and I can’t wait until October when I finally get to meet her in real life!
  3. The fact that my CoreFusion DVDs are on their way.  I took a complimentary CoreFusion class at the Chicago Exhale Spa during HLS 2010.  I didn’t love the instructor or the fact that it was about 85 degrees in the room, but I enjoyed the class itself.  Plus Rachel always raves about CoreFusion, and she’s hard to ignore.
  4. Amazon Prime.  I’ve never been a big Amazon shopper for two reasons: 1) I’m cheap as hell when it comes to paying for shipping and 2) Amazon’s free super saver shipping is so slow it hurts. (and I’m super impatient.)
    I did the trial membership in December when I ordered Christmas presents for Laura and the boy.  I determined then I would do a lot more shopping on Amazon that way.  I debated it for a few days and decided to bite the bullet.  Of course the LivingSocial $20 Amazon gift card or $10 and my decision to buy CoreFusion helped push this decision along.