221. December Grocery Budget Challenge Final Look

I guess it’s time to look back and see how I faired in my grocery budget challenge.  My challenge was successful in that I stayed under my budget of $250;  I actually managed to stay well under $200.  However, it was less successful in terms of my methods. 

Getting sick half way through the month really threw me off.  I didn’t eat much of anything for about three days, and when I did eat, I was basically scraping something together because I knew I needed to eat something.

I didn’t bother with coupons at all, but I did do some price comparing.  I made sure to check cost per unit and compare the price and size of different brands rather than just grabbing what was on sale or  the name brand.

There was also a lot more dinners out this month.  Since I buy the groceries for dinners in, Nik usually pays for dinners out.  So my food budget was definitely down, but I expect his was probably up.

Here’s how my weekly spending broke down:

Week 1
$61.95 – grocery store
$3.65 – Panera
$8.42 – Panera

Week 2
$53.50 – grocery store

Week 3
$38.47 – grocery store (This was primary supplies for holiday gifts.)
$9.96- Panera
$5.38 – Pazzo’s
$3.05 NYC Bagel Deli

Week 4
None – I was in Mexico.

Groceries: $153
Fast Food: $24

Overall, I’m satisfied with the outcome of the challenge.  I’m definitely going to continue to work on keeping my grocery budget between $200 – $250.


213. Grocery Challenge Week 1

We’re at the end of week 1 of my grocery budget challenge. (Side note: for the purposes of this challenge, my weeks are running Wednesday to Tuesday.)  So how did it go?

Well, I stayed almost within my $60 budget.  My grocery trip for the week cost me $61.95.  This isn’t too bad considering there were a few “impulse” buys on the receipt.  Chobani was on sale so I picked up a few of those which I wasn’t planning on buying.  I also had to buy some items to make appetizers to bring to my grandparents’ house.

My meal planning was not as well thought out as I hoped, but it mostly worked out.  Poor planning or changes in plans for a few dinners left me struggling for lunches when I had planned leftovers.  I did make due with what I had and stuck with only eating one breakfast or lunch out. Of course, it was an $9 lunch at Panera, but it was with my friend that I haven’t seen in several months so it was worth it.

I also ended up not making a few meals, but I shifted them to this week which will *hopefully* save me some money on this week’s shopping trip (which I will be embarking on as soon as I finish this post.)

Here’s my current meal plan for today through next Wednesday.  I’m sure things will change.

Tonight: Latkes with applesauce

Thursday: Spinach Lasagna

Friday: Beef and Barley Soup that I pulled out of the freezer

Saturday: We have Nik’s family Christmas get together, but I’m bringing appetizers so I’ll have to buy those ingredients

Sunday: Garlic Bread soup – this was on last week’s agenda

Monday: Shepherd’s Pie

Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash

We’ll see how things pan out this wee.  I’ll keep you posted!

Total so far: $70