353. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 12

I know I said I’d tell you all about my homemade bagel recipe, but I forgot about a continuing education seminar I had to attend yesterday which totally threw my whole day off.  So you can hear about my bagel making adventures tomorrow instead.  On to the weigh in…

Last week’s weight: 150.6lbs
This week’s weight: 152.8.lbs
Change: +2.2lbs
Total Loss: -14.2lbs

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this week.  I had a really great week, and I was even thinking I might be down under 150.    Then my girly parts kickied into gear, and I actually felt myself getting more and more bloated yesterday.  Ultimately, I knew going into weigh in I would be up.  However, I’m also confident I’ll be right back down next week.  I briefly considered not weighing in last night, but I firmly believe in “keeping myself honest” and weighing in every week.  In retrospect, however, I kind of wished I’d skipped it.  I’m not upset about the gain because I was expecting it.  I am however a little annoyed with ending such an awesome month (more on that tomorrow too) on such a bummer note.

I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, and I’m sure next week will be right back down to where I was.


350. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 11

Last week’s weight: 152.8lbs
This week’s weight: 150.6.lbs
Change: –2.2lbs
Total Loss: -14.2lbs


I was in a really awful mood most of last week.  I wasn’t sleeping well.  I had no energy.  I blew off most of my runs.  I was not a happy camper.  On top of all that I had a bad weigh in last week (as evidenced by the above previous weight) that, honestly, I just wasn’t in the mood to blog about.  I discussed the weigh in with Laura, and I was fairly certain it was a direct result of allowing myself to become really dehydrated over the weekend.  However, discussing it was Laura was about as much talking about it as I wanted to do; plus, any blog I would have posted last week would have been miserable whining.   I usually subscribe to the something is better than nothing philosophy, but last week nothing was definitely the better choice.

Moving right along, weigh in this week confirmed that last week really was a result of being dehydrated over the weekend.  I lost the 1.4lb gain from last week as well as another .8lbs.  I’ve also officially hit the 150lbs mark.  I was absolutely over the moon last night when I saw 150 pop up on the scale.

When I first started my quest to lose weight back in 2009, 150lbs was my goal.  It was (and still is.  I certainly haven’t gotten any taller in the last, oh, 15 years…) a bit above the healthy BMI range, but it was the weight I remember being around the time I started college.  It seemed like a nice round number, and as good a goal as any.  I knew I ultimately wanted to get into the healthy BMI range, but 150lbs was close enough as an initial long term goal.

In addition to being my very first weight loss goal, it’s also been my next “milestone” goal for the last few months.  150lbs just felt so elusive.  I’d get close to it without ever quite reaching it.  It was starting to seem like the wall I would never get passed to reach my goal weight.  I know I’m not actually passed it yet, but just getting to it feels like such a huge victory.

One of the things we do at my meetings is when people reach milestones, the leader asks what’s been working for them to help them reach their goals.  It can be really helpful, and since I’ve actually changed things up quite a bit this month, I figured I’d go ahead and share what’s working for me.

First and foremost, veggies.  I’ve been maxing on the vegetables this month.  I recently got a Costco membership, and I’ve started buying my produce there.  It’s much cheaper than buying it at Jewel or even Target, but of course, it’s only a money saver if you’re eating all the produce and not throwing it away.  So since I’ve been buying my produce in bulk, I’ve been eating it in bulk.  I managed to eat something like 3 pounds of Brussels sprouts over a two week period.  I’ve been eating garbage salads for lunch nearly every day at work.  I’ve even been getting 2 – 4 servings of veggies at breakfast lately.  I’ll actually be sharing that “recipe” tomorrow so check back!  (Funny story: For the last two or three weeks I’ve actually been miscounting my servings of fruits and veggies.  I had it in my head that two cups of leafy greens was a serving when really it’s only one cup!  I’ve only been giving myself half credit on those daily salads!)

The other thing that seems to be making a big difference is my increased activity.  Since starting marathon training, I’ve been earning crazy numbers of activity points per week (We’re talking 40 points minimum, but this week I’ll earn 86 if I complete all my scheduled workouts.)  I actually increased my February goal of 150 points to 175, and I’m still going to blow that out of the water.  Now, I’m definitely not suggesting everyone go out and try to earn 80 activity points each week, but a small increase in activity definitely helps.  The other important part of this is I’ve really been focusing on balancing my increased activity and increased appetite.  Marathon training actually isn’t ideal for weight loss since (from what I’ve heard) you’re pretty much hungry all the time and you need to be properly fueling yourself to tackle ridiculously high mileage every week.  I think I mentioned previously that my goal is to eat a minimum of half my activity points.  Most weeks I eat all of my activity points and about half of my weekly points.  So far it seems to be a winning strategy.  We’ll see how it holds up.

So for now, my plan is to just keep doing what I’m doing.  My only goal is to make sure I’m really paying attention to my water intake on the weekends.  It’s always more of a challenge when I’m not sitting at my desk with a water bottle in front of my and a never ending supply of cold, filtered water about 15 feet away.  My next mini weight loss goal is to hit 148.  That’s my 10% milestone as well as 15lbs lost since joining Weight Watchers.  My “bonus goal” for February was to get there, but since it’s still 2.6 pounds away, I’m not sure I’ll get there this month, but if I continue at this rate, it will be soon!


348. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 9

Last week’s weight: 153lbs
This week’s weight: 151.4.lbs
Change: –1.6lbs
Total Loss: -13.4lbs, this session: -5.4 lbs


To quote Angel… “Numfar, do the dance of joy!”

I was definitely doing the dance of joy when I weighed in last night.  That is another new low!  Now let’s just hope that I don’t gain half of it back next week which seems to the trend for me following a big loss.  Honestly, I was actually kind of surprised by the big loss this week.  I had a good week, and I was definitely expecting to lose some.  However, I did kind of overdo it with the Super Bowl snacking so I was legitimately surprised and super excited by this week’s loss!

I’ve been cranking out the activity points lately, and while I didn’t stick to last week’s goals exactly, I did do well.  I’m actually pretty proud of my fitness endeavors as of late.  I’ve been doing a good job of working on strength training and cross training and getting in my mileage.  Anyway, onto the goals review:

  • Fitness
    • Run Thursday (3 miles treadmill) and strength training (core) – I got up early and ran 3 miles outside before work. I ended up skipping the strength training though.
    • Run Saturday (8 miles) – My route came up short at 7.6 miles, and I needed to use the bathroom so I called it “good enough”
    • Spin Sunday and strength training (upper body) – I actually ended up doing my run on Sunday because the weather was better so I didn’t spin.  However, I did do the Saturday morning Kettlebell Intervals which is a full body ST workout.
    • I also ended up doing a 30 minute solo spin session on Friday evening along with the ST I was supposed to do on Thursday.
  • Food
    • Track 7 days (particularly Super Bowl) – I didn’t do a very good tracking during the Super Bowl; however, I tracked everything else all week
    • 2 beers max on Super Bowl Sunday – I didn’t drink anything on Sunday…but I did overdo it at darts last Wednesday.
    • Eat out 2 times max – done.

The one thing I’ve really been focusing on lately is making sure I’m eating enough.  This might seem kind of strange, but since I’ve started marathon training, and as I progress through it, it’s really important for me to be adequately fueling myself.  Despite what you might thing from watching The Biggest Loser, marathon training really isn’t a great way to keep up weight loss.  If you’re not adequately fueling you run the risk of poor runs, injury, etc. as well as actually halting weight loss because your body kicks into “starvation mode.”  Alternatively, you can definitely end up eating way too much during marathon training because of the insane number of calories you’re burning.

So for my strategy, which seems to be working really well these last couple weeks, has been to use my earned activity points before my weekly points.  I’m also making it a point to eat at least 50% of my earned activity points.  I plan to keep reassessing this as I progress through training.  If I’m constantly starving, I’ll probably increase my daily points or focus on eating more of my activity or weekly points.  My goal is also to make sure I’m spending these points (mostly) on quality foods not just eating garbage because I can.  I definitely think that will make a difference in my ability to keep losing weight.

I don’t really have any specific goals this week other than to make sure I get my long run in.  It’s supposed to be chilly and snowy this weekend so there’s a good chance I’m going to have to force myself out the door, but it must be done.  I cannot slack on these long runs…especially not early on while they’re “easy” mileage.



345. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 8

Last week’s weight: 153.8lbs
This week’s weight: 153.lbs
Change: –.8lbs
Total Loss: -11.8lbs, this session: -3.8 lbs


I didn’t do a weigh in post last week because my usual meeting was cancelled.  I did attend a meeting on Friday afternoon and weigh in there so that’s where the 153.8 above comes from.  I was absolutely thrilled to see 153 again.  I honestly went in to weigh in feeling a bit pessimistic.  I’ve been ravenous pretty much since I stopped being sick, and especially this past weekend after running my half.  I ate a lot this weekend, and I ate out a lot.  Even though I rocked out 55 activity points for the week (21 alone during my half on Saturday!) and barely even touched my weekly points, you can never be sure how you’re body is going to react to that much activity and that much eating out.

I’m still not back down to my lowest, but I’m close.  And I’m absolutely thrilled to finally see a loss again.  I only actually gained less than 1.5 pounds, but it’s still frustrating to see +.4, +.2, +.6 week after week.  I know there could be a million and one different reasons for those tiny gains.  It could be that I upped my workout frequency and intensity a lot in January.  It could be that I was sick a lot in January and surviving on less than desirable foods.  It could be that I started doing a lot more weight training in January.  Hell, it could be that I actually legitimately gained that much weight in January.   Regardless of the reason, I’m glad to start February on a high note, and I am definitely riding high on a wave of both running and weight loss momentum right now.

My goals for this week are kind of goals kind of just a schedule for myself.

  • Fitness
    • Run Thursday (3 miles treadmill) and strength training (core)
    • Run Saturday (8 miles)
    • Spin Sunday and strength training (upper body)
  • Food
    • Track 7 days (particularly Super Bowl)
    • 2 beers max on Super Bowl Sunday
    • Eat out 2 times max

One of my February goals (which will be posted this afternoon) is to drop 5 pounds this month.  It’s an ambitious goal considering my average rate of loss, but like I said, I’m riding high on motivation and momentum right now.  I want to really make the most of this!

343. Oh Hai!

Hey there friends!  Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little absent these days.  I have my reasons.  A big of them is that about this time last week, I was actively trying to not die of some horrible strep/ cold/ flu/ sinus infection/ Ebola/ virus of doom.  (And yes, I am one of those people that is more than a bit dramatic when I am sick.)   The sickness pretty much sidelined all my effort to run or work out, and I felt so horrible last Tuesday night I didn’t even weigh in.

This week I’m feeling much better.  I actually didn’t have a Weight Watchers (yet) meeting this week.  My usual meeting is at the church my mom attends.  This week is the parish retreat so everything that’s usually held at the church during the week (Weight Watchers, scouts, etc.) was cancelled.  My usual leader does a meeting a couple blocks from my office at noon on Fridays so I am planning to attend her meeting tomorrow.

I also ran this evening for the first time in 10 days.  It was a short and easy paced run.  I was trying to determine if I could/ should go ahead and run the half marathon I never actually told you all I’m signed up for on Saturday.  I was already doing the bare minimum as far as training goes, and combined that with the fact that I’ve been sick at least half of this month, I wasn’t entirely confident in my abilities.  I was also concerned about over-doing it and undoing all of this week’s recovery.  There was also that pesky 3 hour time limit that had me worrying.

After much deliberation this afternoon, I decided that the 3 hours time limit and under training aren’t good enough excuses.  I finished my first half in 3 hours, and despite my barely adequate training for this race, I’m still in better shape than I was going into that first 13.1.  As far as the making myself sicker goes, I’m feeling almost 100% again.  I decided I would run tonight and as long as I was okay, I would race.  I didn’t want to die so it’s on.  I’m also pretty sure it’s going to be on via 5 minute/ 1 minute run/ walk intervals.  Since I am under trained, I think this may be my best approach for a reasonable time and not injury myself or overdoing it.

So there you have it.  Saturday morning I will be running the Fucking Freezing Frozen Lake Half Marathon.  (And if we’re being perfectly honest here, my decision was at least 57.4% influenced by the fact that I want that finishers medal.  Seriously, click the link and check it out.)

341. Weight Watchers Wednesday: PointsPlus 2012 Week 5

Last week’s weight: 152.4lbs
This week’s weight: 152.8lbs
Change: +.4lbs
Total Loss: -12lbs, this session: -4 lbs


I don’t have much to say about the gain itself.  There’s a high probably it’s a direct result of the fact that I was wearing workout pants rather than the Old Navy compression capris I usually wear for weigh in.  That said, even though this .4lb gain probably wasn’t a “real” gain, I don’t expect I would have seen a loss this week regardless of the pants I was wearing.

First of all, I went a little overboard this past weekend at the boy’s annual Festivus party.  All the Jameo and ginger ale certainly didn’t encourage the scale to move in a downward manner.  I didn’t track a good chunk of the weekend which is always a kiss of death for me.  Along with just plain not tracking, I also did a lot of “secret eating” over the past week.  It wasn’t so much that I was activity hiding the fact that I was eating so much as it was self-denial.  I would “forget” about things I ate and not track them.  There was definite undocumented mindless munching happening last week as well.

For this week I’m focusing on dealing with the tracking issues.  In addition to tracking, I’m going to journal my eats – hunger levels, moods, etc.  This requires me to be even more cognizant of what goes into my mouth.

Aside from the tracking and “secret eating” issues, I actually had a pretty good week.

In terms of last week’s goals, I did most of the things I was hoping too.  I averaged 5 a day on my fruits and veggies.  (Some days I was short, but other days I had substantially more.)  I attended the Kettle Bell Intervals class at the gym and did a core strength session; however, I missed my long run because I was really sore from the Kettle Bells class.  I also did a much better job of drinking water on the weekend.  I didn’t actually track so I don’t know how much I drank, but I did go out of my way to drink more water.

I also had a pretty awesome non-scale victory this week.  On Saturday, I went shopping for a dress for my friend Val’s wedding.  Not only was it not the usual soul-crushing experience for me, but I also left the fitting room feeling almost giddy.  I found two dressed both in a size 10!  One of the dresses is a bit tight, but since they were both a great deal, and I only need one to fit right away, I bought both.

Here’s to a fantastic week because I am so ready to see 150lbs!


337. 2011 in Review: Dedicated

Instead of setting goals or making New Year’s Resolutions last year, I followed Rachel’s lead and choose a verb.  My verb for 2011 was dedicate.  Honestly, my verb, much like many New Year’s Resolutions, fell from the front of my mind pretty quickly.  Despite the fact that it wasn’t at the forefront of my thoughts and actions, I do think it was lurking there somewhere in my subconscious driving at least some of my thoughts and goals.  I didn’t think I’d made much “progress” with it until I really stopped and looked back at the year.

In 2011…

…I wanted to dedicate myself to my health which I definitely did in the second half of the year when I joined Weight Watchers and started seriously working toward finally reaching my goal weight.  I finished the year feeling pretty damn good about my progress and myself.

…I wanted to dedicate myself to fitness and running.  Exercise and fitness is always my biggest struggle.  I set goals.  I flake out on goals.  I set high expectations, and fall short.  However, despite my many failed fitness challenges throughout 2011, I still feel like I did manage to truly dedicate myself.  In May, I finished the Wisconsin Half Marathon, crushing my PR by nearly 25 minutes.  In October, I finished Dallas 13.1 knocking another 10 minutes off my PR with a finishing time of 2:24:22.  Then there was my almost 5K PR in April, my definite 5K PR in October, and knocking out my goal of a sub-28 minute 5K a short time later.   I know all of these PRs are a direct result of my increasing dedication to training and fitness in general.  Even fitness challenge failures still have a positive impact.

…I wanted to dedicate time to myself.  I don’t think I did this in quite the way I intended when I set the goal a year ago.  When I set this goal I was thinking about taking time to sit around by myself doing nothing; however, I think I did even better than that.  Dedicating myself to my health and my running was dedicating time to myself.  I dedicated to my Weight Watcher’s meetings every week regardless of what was going on.  I dedicated myself to hours of running, usually alone, when I’d rather be sleeping or hanging out.  I dedicated myself to going to bed early getting adequate sleep most nights.  I used my commute “wisely” to read more than 45 books this year.

…I wanted to dedicate time to my blog.  This is one area I really do feel like I fell short.  I truly enjoy blogging, but I also find myself consistently struggling with it.  A lack of inspiration/ motivation to write, a failure to prioritize writing posts, and at time a complete disconnect with my purpose.  I feel like I’m constantly working and reworking my blog without ever really making progress.  I get frustrated because I feel like I should have figured it out by now, after 2 years.  There will be more to come on this though.

…I wanted to dedicate myself to growing up.  This is another thing that didn’t happen in quite the way I expected, but I feel like I left 2011 more mature and ready to really move forward into “adulthood.”  And honestly, I don’t think I could adequately explain myself much further on this one,  so I’m going to leave it at that.

Honestly, I haven’t made a ton of progress on my 2012 goals.  I wasn’t even sure how I planned on approaching them.  But after writing this post and really looking back at 2011, I think choosing a verb was a great plan which I intend to do again this year.  I’ll be back with my 2012 verb in the next week or so.